My name is Amanda, and I’m a mum just like all other mums!  I don’t have much time for make up, spend most of my days in tracksuit pants and love a good long hot shower.  My daughter Rose is 8 months old, and my fur baby Jasper is 8 years.   We all live in beautiful Queensland along with my husband Matt.

When I’m not busy being a mum, I’m studying psychology with the hope of one day becoming a psychologist! I am half way through completing my honours year and I will be writing a thesis next year (topic not yet known!).

I love to bake, sew and generally create, I also love building towers for my daughter to knock down, and making her laugh!    I’ve created this blog to firstly highlight some difficulties I experienced during my pregnancy but also to support other mums through the difficulties of motherhood.   I hope you enjoy reading.