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Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

Earlier this week posted about my daughters resent gastro and weight loss, and my current goal to try and fatten her up a little.  I feel like I need to keep specifying healthy fats.  Even though I’m sure most of you know I’m already referring to healthy fats!  Anyway, I haven’t made risotto for Matt and I in ages and I’ve never made it for Rose so why not give it ago.

It was a huuuge hit, she had it for dinner and then the next two days for lunch at daycare for lunch.  Technically speaking it probably isn’t correctly made.  Being a busy mum I don’t have time to stand there and stir risotto for 30 minutes while the stock is slowly absorbed so I’m more of a ‘chuck some liquid in and chuck the lid on’ kind of risotto cooker.

1062-278487-StockPot-SKUsThis recipe is really versatile too, if you don’t have sweet potato you could use pumpkin or squash.  Leave the chicken mince out for a vegetarian version, leave the cheese out for a dairy free version.  Between the salt in the stock and the cheese there is also no reason to add salt and pretty much anything you put in it will taste good.  I use Continental’s Chicken Stock Pots as I think they have the best flavour, but if you have homemade stock or your favourite brand that will work too.

Chicken and Vegetable Risotto
2 tbs coconut oil
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
500g chicken mince
1.5 cups of risotto
1 medium sized sweet potato
4 cups chicken stock (made however you wish)
1 medium sized can of corn
¾ cup of baby peas
125g grated parmesan (approximately 1 cup)

  1. Fry onions and garlic in the coconut oil until onions become transparent
  2. Add risotto to pan and toast until also looking transparent
  3. Push mix to the edged and add chicken to the middle
  4. Brown chicken in the centre of the pan while gradually mixing with rice mixture
  5. Add sweet potato
  6. Add 1 stock pot and 250 mills of water stir and cover for 5 minutes
  7. Once absorbed add another 250 mills of water
  8. Add corn and peas
  9. Repeat step 6 & 7
  10. Once the final liquid has been absorbed risotto should be smooth in the pan and not clumpy or stodgy. add more water if the rice is under cooked or the mix looks too firm.
  11. Turn off heat and stir through parmesan cheese.

I will be posting a few different recipes this week so don’t forget to stop by to check them out!

Let me know what you think.

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