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Operation Fatten Up the Baby aka Toddler

Rose has never been a chubby baby, when she born she was only 3.1kgs and dropped 10.1% while we were in hospital (due to tongue ties and my milk supply).  So I’ve always been a little sensitive when people are referred to her as skinny.  Once I had established a milk supply she started gaining weight but she never but on great slabs of fat.   It likely fuelled my self-doubt with breastfeeding and when she started refusing to feed it was time to pull the pin!  Despite switching to formula and starting solids Rose has always been skinny, she’s a picky and light eater so I try to offer a variety of foods regular, which was working for us.

rose and meOk, so the point of the story… since starting 6 weeks ago Rose has had gastro twice, and a chesty cough/cold as well.  The joys of daycare right…

The last bout of gastro has been taxing.  5 days she had vomiting and diarrhea, 5 long, tense, on edge days, and who likes to eat when they feel like vomiting… no one.  So while she kept nothing down she also only picked at food one day I think she only had 1/3 of a banana for the whole day.   Our only saving grace was that she was downing water nonstop which thankfully meant she didn’t get dehydrated.  One night after vomiting up all her milk (again) she just went to sleep clutching her water cup.

I didn’t really notice that Rose had lost weight, until my mum pointed it out in a photo and then I started to notice it a lot more.  I can now clearly feel all of her ribs,  her legs are a lot slimmer and her belly

rose ice

is more pronounced.  She’s not unhealthy but I would feel better if we could get some more fat on to her.  Especially with winter coming and the threat of more illness.

Naturally we want to stick with healthy fats and build her back up that way… we certainly aren’t heading to Hungry Jacks. So over the next few weeks I will be sharing recipes that I’m making to help put weight back on Rose.   Please let me know if you have any recipes that contain good healthy fats and we will give them ago.


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