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I love my sliver of bed

I balance on my side, I dare not roll onto my back as I can feel the edge of the bed right behind me, and I’m not convinced I have enough left not to fall off!  I love sleeping on this much bed, why?  Because in front of me is a peacefully sleeping baby.  Sometimes she likes me to cuddle her, other times she just wants to be pressed up against my shoulder, but I love her in my bed and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

This is sort of what our bed looks like, haha sorry Matt!

Each night I settle my daughter into her bed knowing that within a few hours she will be in mine.  Each night I think maybe tonight she will stay in her bed until morning.  We actually had a night this week when she was in her cot all night mainly because she’d had two big nights in a row and was exhausted! Generally though without fail she ends up in our bed and Matt and I both shuffle to the side to make room for her, even though she is a bit of a bed hog. Even now I’ve slipped out of bed to write this blog and I’ve left a pillow shoved up beside her so she can’t roll over and hog my side.


It’s been a tough week for Rose and I, she had some pretty big days at daycare staying for two sleeps, which was great that she’s slowly settling in.  However everyday that I’m picking her up she looks like she’s been crying and she has a running nose and sad eyes.  They keep telling me she had a good day and she’s getting better and every mum I speak to says it gets easier but right now it down right sucks!  Today she clung on to me from about 5am not even letting Matt take her for a cuddle, and she was like this until she worked out we weren’t leaving the house today… Honestly though after the last few days I don’t think I could have done it again today, it’s not been fun.

Rose sleeping on me
Not my most flattering angle but this was bedtime after our second day at daycare this week.

I’ve found myself lying in bed the last few nights just waiting for her to wake up so I can go and get her and give her a cuddle.  I know she sleep more soundly in our bed. I never wake up to her crying in her sleep, I can slip her dummy back in before she really realises it’s gone, and when she wakes up not feeling like herself I’m right there to give her a cuddle.  I love it.

So for now I’ll happily keep sleeping on a sliver of my bed, I don’t mind it actually I’ve become quite used to perching right on the edge.  Sometimes I even manage to shuffle her over a bit and lie flat on my back with only my pinky slipping off.  I will definitely miss this when she’s older.


***While I fully support co-sleeping I acknowledge it can still be very dangerous, I myself haven’t been comfortable co-sleeping until Rose was around 11 months old.  She spent some time in our bed on rough nights but she was mainly in her cot.  If you want to co-sleep I highly encourage you to educate yourself on safe co-sleeping practices and keep your baby safe.

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