Being A Mum

The things I love about you, my little love

I wrote a blog a few weeks about what we need to stop saying to new mothers, and my cousin raised an interesting point, yes we should reword our support to new mothers, but we should also try to focus on the positive aspects of parenting rather than all the negatives.   So this blog is just that, because I think that is valid point as well.  We need to hear and empathises with mums about their struggles and hardships, but we also need to celebrate the little beings we’ve created and let their warmth seep into our bones!

I love how cheeky you are, when you discover good joke and just giggle about it.  Or when you hear me coming behind you and take off down the hallway giggling.  You make me laugh so much. You have a beautiful friendly nature and you love a good laugh!

I love your kindness when you see an open mouth and decide you should share your dummy with me by jamming it my mouth, and then you laugh so hard when I won’t let you have it back.  You never get upset when we play this game, I admire that at a such a young age you realise this is just a game and you’ll eventually get your prize back.  I love how you’ve started bringing me things you know are mine, a cup off the table, my mobile phone and you’re so proud of yourself when you do.

I love how when you hear the shower door creek you come tearing down the hall way trying to take off your clothes just so you can jump into the shower too.   I love our moments in the shower, when we laugh and laugh over generally nothing.

I love how you love to celebrate, every achievement, if I finish reading a favourite book to you or singing you a song.  You celebrate with clapping and cheering.  The other day in the playground I told another little girl how clever she was and out of nowhere you appear clapping and cheering.  So cute.

Rose on the dining room table 2I love your curious nature even if it does mean you’re turning me grey and taking years off my life.  I love that you’re keen to explore your world, or investigate every new thing you see.  I hope you always go through life exploring, investigating and questioning things around you. How else will you learn and grow?

I love your fuzzy little head buried into my neck even if it is 2am and your hair is going up my nose.  I love how when we’re in bed together you pester me until I roll over and give you a cuddle.  I love that you want to give me a cuddle in the first place.

Being your mum I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve learnt how to function quite well with minimal sleep, I’ve learnt how to deal with anxiety about your wellbeing, I’ve learnt how to be more patient on our difficult days, and how to sit back and let you explore the work without having to hover over you (depending on where we are of course!).

The biggest thing I’ve learn in these last 14 months, I would take you unhappy, sad, whinging, crying, angry, cranky, fussy and unpleasant ANY DAY, over not having you at all.

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