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Week 1 recap January meal plan

So if you don’t know it by now the best way to succeed at healthy eating and spending less money is to be organised, organised and well organised… this week I was not.  You can find the original plan here, however it has changed around a little!

Meat free Monday ended with myself and Rose sharing Italian sausage and fennel ravioli (which was very good) and Matt ate later that night as he was helping his mum move. Thankfully Matt also bought home some ham, so we were able to have ham wraps the next day and not waste money or calories on other food.

Tuesday night I had dinner with a friend and Matt had chicken wings for dinner so you know this week is going well so far… not!

Green Curry
Green Curry

Right Wednesday night we can do this! Wednesday night we had green curry with cauliflower rice and a low carb wrap. I was really happy how this turned out, I absolutely love ‘Maesri Green Curry Paste’ in a tin, however this is way too hot for Matt, this time I used ‘Valcom Authentic Thai Green curry paste’ which I bought at Coles. I will definitely use this one again as it had a great flavour and the heat was mild-medium. I had intended to use coconut flavoured carnation milk as a lower calorie alternative to coconut milk but I couldn’t find any. So I used one tine of carnation milk and one tin of light coconut milk. I also fried off the curry paste in coconut oil for more flavour. I threw in some extra veges but next time I’ll double those as it could have used more and made the cauliflower rice…re thinking this one though cauliflowers are $7 each at the moment (although I found one at Aldi for $4.70)!! Although I think I may have curdled my curry, if you know how I’ve done this please let me know!

Green Chicken Curry
• 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (I used 4 this was too many)
• 1 Jar of Valcom Authentic Thai Green curry paste
• 1 tin of light coconut milk
• 1 tin of carnation milk
• 3 chicken breast
• ½ broccoli head
• 2 med carrots
• ½ red capsicum

Cauliflower Rice
• Whole Cauliflower
• 1 tablespoon of rice bran oil
• 3 garlic cloves
• 1 onion
• Salt to taste

Blitz cauliflower in a food processor until just processed, fry onion and garlic, add cauliflower and fry turning regularly for 10 minutes add salt to taste.

I followed the instructions on the curry paste bottle but I doubled the recipe and added the veges after the chicken was cooked for a few minutes. It made up 7 meals, and due to there being no carbs in the curry we had a low carb wrap as our bread. Bonus Rose looooved it and couldn’t shove it in her mouth fast enough the ‘rice’ not the curry!!!!

Thursday night we had to switch the menu around but we had chicken tenders with seasoning on wraps with salad. Healthy-ish but very tasty and a lot cheaper than takeaway.

Friday night beef burrito bowl!

• Steak for however many portions covered in Fajita seasoning.
• ½-1 cup of lettuce
• 1-2 table spoons of grated cheese,
• ½ cup of black beans
• 1/3 cup of corn and tomato salsa (small can of corn, one tomato, ¼ finely diced salad onion, coriander and salt to taste)
• 1 wedge of lime each

PizzaSaturday night, everyone was looking forward to homemade pizzas our one cheat meal for the week! They turned out really well, we used a herb base from Aldi, along with some pork meatballs, prosciutto, basil, mozzarella and leggos pizza sauce. Matt used the Akorn and it onyl took 10 minutes to cook!



Sunday night ended up becoming leftover night.  While this puts the menu out of wack I’d much prefer to use up what we had left in the fridge rather then waste it.  Rose had scrambled eggs, with black beans and the corn and tomato salasa. Matt had an ommlette with some other bits and pieces.  I had some left over Pizza.  In hindsight it was perfect for an easy Sunday dinner.

Budget: This week we’ve spent $386, however its unlikely we wil need to spend anything next week unless it’s for milk, or something I’ve forgotten.  It does only leave with me with $114 left for food this month so we will see how we go.  Keep an eye on Mummies Group for #weeklymoneysavers, starting this Wednesday.

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