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Our healthy family menu for January

At the moment we are a single income family and money is always tight in our house.  So as a way of saving money we are trying to limit our food expenses, as we were spending $700-$1000 on food every month.  My aim by doing a monthly menu is to lower our monthly food bill to $500.  It also takes the stress away from deciding what is for dinner and hopefully we will have our shopping done and Matt won’t have to stop at the shops on the way home every day.  I have also been told due to a health condition I have I need to get my BMI to 30 before they will consider taking me off the medication I am taking.  Great motivation to eat healthy and lose weight as I don’t want to be on blood thinners all my life!

CompletedThere are 4 of us in our house hold 2 adults, 1 13 month old and our fur baby, majority of the meals on the menu can be shared with our baby aka toddler (Mumma’s in denial), however I do have a stash of things in the freezer like lentil patties or mini rissoles so if we’re having a curry I will steam her some veges and defrost some of those, she also loves baked beans and scrambled eggs, so if we need something different for dinner those things make great alternatives.  You will also notice that the next days lunch is usually the night before’s dinner.  I just find it is easier to make a little extra for dinner rather than make a whole new meal for lunch.

I’ve finally managed to convince my husband Matt that a meat free Monday would be a great idea!  Not only is a different change to a regular meals, often times meat free options are cheaper than meat.  Even 12 free range eggs averages around $6 or a can of legumes $1-2 depending on where you’re shopping.  So this month we’ve added a meat free Monday dinner, which means that Tuesday lunch is also meat free.  I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes and reporting back.

While we’re trying to eat lean and healthy through the week we’ve included a cheat meal every Saturday night.  Sometimes we’re going to make this at home as Matt has a smoker, a Kamado Akorn and a Webber Kettle.  This month we’re going to try some home mad pizzas in the Akorn and Matt is already a master at smoking meat and making home-made burgers so we’re starting to realise we’d be better to make our meals at home then spending twice as much eating out.  However sometimes no one wants to do the dishes!

This is the link to our menu ‘January Month Menu‘ I’ve only included breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our morning and afternoon teas alter each week and we have things like yogurt and fruit, cottage cheese on Ryvitas or a muesli bar.  I’m trying to reduce my coffee intake at the moment, I usually make home-made   which are lower in calories than store bought ice coffee but there is still a lot of calories in milk, so at night I’m trying to have some berries or fruit after dinner rather than a coffee.

Each week I’ll do a summary blog including the simple recipes which are in my head and therefore I can’t give you a link too!  Make sure you follow the blog so you’re updated when they’re posted.

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