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Hug Like You Mean It


Have you ever had a wet fish hand giving you a ‘pat’ on the back while someone is hugging you?  Or maybe a half arsed shoulder squeeze, or my favourite the good old awkward chest press, because you’ve both got your hands full but you feel compelled to greet this way.

This blog is a hommage to one of the best huggers I know.  Truely, when my sister in law gives you a hug it almost makes you feel like she’s hugging your soul.  Why does she have the magic hugs?!   Firstly, she often gives me a hug when her hands are empty which means she free to actually give you hug and not an awkward chest press.  Secondly, she hugs, like really hugs you, not a flimsy should squeeze but a firm lasting squeeze. Thirdly, she often uses this time to ask you how you are, if your ok, how was your week,  and it makes me feel like she actually cares and isn’t just asking for the sake of social edicate.

When you receive or give a good hug, it releases oxytocin, which is often referred to as the drug of love.  Oxytocin, helps new mothers bond with babies, owners bond with their  furry animals, and is produced during many other loving activities.  When the body releases oxytocin it lowers your heart rate and lowers cortisol levels (cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, aka causes stress), it even lowers your blood pressure and helps to prevent heard disease.

So hug like you mean it!!!!  Squeeze the ones you’re hugging tight and long, make them feel loved, valued and connected.  You just don’t know how bad someones week has been and how much better you will make it by giving them a 20 second hug.

Happy Birthday my awesome hugging sister in law!

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